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January 4, 2009, 11:14 pm
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Oooooh girl, I just caught the first episode of ‘Rock of Love Bus’, the new season of Rock of Love which occurs entirely on two tour buses which go around to Bret Michaels’ solo gigs. It was something special. There was one particular hot mess, Nikki, who got sent home, much to my dismay. She was on something that I could not begin to categorize and I was looking forward to more episodes with her. Zach suggested she was maybe sent home due to being a liability. Then there was one gal who put a shot of booze up her u know what. Another gal puked up the 3 bottles of tequila she had consumed prior to 11am and then grabbed Bret and slipped him her vomit-ocious tongue. Now I see why Katie Cassidy has been a fan of this show for years. With Real Housewives of Atlanta on hiatus, I am just happy to have finally found something to sink my teeth into. I can finally rest easy tonight.

Nikki, my fave hot mess from 'Rock of Love Bus' Episode 1

Nikki, my fave hot mess from 'Rock of Love Bus' Episode 1


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