Do not buy this for your Grandma
January 6, 2009, 12:23 am
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This Xmas, I bought the collection of short stories ‘Unaccustomed Earth’ by Jumpa Lahiri as a gift for my Grandma. I had read ‘the Namesake’ and really liked it, and thought my Grandma would appreciate the themes of immigration and family that run through much of Lahiri’s work. Oooh, girl. Big mistake. I bought a copy for myself as well and have been reading it and have found myself HORRIFIED and traumatized as two of the four stories I have read so far involve mentions of ‘erections’, and one includes what is a borderline softcore porn scene. And I say borderline only because I’m not sure it’s even all that softcore. I can just imagine my Grandma wondering why on earth I bought this raunchy book for her. Every night I crawl into bed terrified of what I will find on the next pages of this Pulitzer Prize winning author’s descent into trashy x-rated writing. What will it be tonight? And then my mind flashes to my Grandma curled up on her couch in Palm Springs reading the same offending paragraph. Dear God, make it stop. In short, do not buy this book for your Grandma. The End


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William Williams suggests dog hypnotism. Wait. This post is about Grandma Min: William Williams suggests that you get to know the concept that Grandma Min skips ahead to the soft-core porn parts. TRUST.

Comment by William Williams

william williams sounds so similar in tone to another dude i know.

Comment by red

HA! who cld that be??

Comment by speropolis1

This Grandma-post has me rolling on the floor laughing. Hysterical. Brings to mind the time we rented Chasing Amy on your recommendation. You didn’t mention that we SHOULDN’T watch it with Grandma. Well…we did. Talk about mortifying. At least you didn’t have to be in her physical presence while she was reading the smut!

Comment by JP Flynn

HA! truuue! sorry bout that flynnie! luv ya!

Comment by speropolis1

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