Does my dog know when I’m naked?
January 7, 2009, 8:42 am
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Does she? Does she notice a difference between clothed me and naked me? Do I have reason to feel shy, or does she think I’m just wearing a tan colored unitard when I get out of the shower? Does she regard naked me the exact same way as sweater and jeans me? Is she seeing past the clothes to my aura? Does my dog know when I’m naked?

I can see your aura

I can see your aura

What color is it?

What color is it?


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I feel like my dog knows when I’m naked. I run away from him its a bit weird for me lol.

Comment by Christina

omg that sounds AWKWARD!! xo

Comment by speropolis1

i wonder that too. also why do dogs and cats always watch when sex is happenin?

Comment by sundara

is that a new shower curtain?

Comment by red

omg u r crackin me UP! no its an OLD shower curtain – from before the one i have from you! (do u need it back for austin??)

Comment by speropolis1

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