Inauguration Jam
January 22, 2009, 12:28 pm
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In honor of the inauguration, I am posting this little jam I recorded in my bedroom, called Nigerian Scam

Art by Jeannie Servaas

Art by Jeannie Servaas

I think it’s appropriate, as it’s mainly about the economy and paranoia. I know we are supposed to be all elated and ecstatic this week, and believe me, I am. But OOOH GIRL, the Obama admin has got its work cut out for it.’Nigerian Scam’ also appeared on ‘Barack Rock’ http://barackrock.iwroteyouasong.org where a bunch of musicians you probably like donated songs to encourage people to get involved with Obama’s campaign. The song was also partially inspired by an email I got from a “Dr. Kenneth Cole” that I was pretty sure was a Nigerian Scam and I had to check with Jule who is an expert in that area, and she ruled that yes, indeed, it was.

Speaking of the economy and paranoia, I particularly enjoyed the Oprah inauguration special from DC in which she had Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore come on to talk about their thoughts about Obama, etc. Because that’s who I really want to hear from when it comes to politics. But in the end, I kinda got into it because it addressed something I have thought about all along, ever since Obama started really sockin’ it to my girl Hillary in the primaries..all of the Obama worship , rock star, second coming stuff always made me uncomfortable, because it sets up unrealistic expectations that noone can fulfill, not even Barack Obama. And it takes the onus off of us. HOWEWA Ashton and Demi were all about how we all need to take the feelings of inspiration we get from Obama and pledge to channnel that into action and service in our own lives. I am feelin that 4 sho.

Our Prez. holla.

Our Prez. holla.

Demi, I pledge to continue my work teaching immigrant populations in NYC. It’s one small thing I feel like I can do. Ashton and Demi have pledged to end modern slavery..oookay!?! Beacause that seems like a reasonable goal, easily achieved in a few simple steps. I luv Hollywood people. Here is their video, directed by Demi, incase you haven’t seen it. It’s totally over the top and corny but if you catch it on just the right day of your cycle, it might cause ‘single tear’ to roll on down your post-inaugural cheek.





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I like this song too. And I enjoy your sarcasm here.

Comment by Jessica

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