Only In My Dreams
January 23, 2009, 11:01 pm
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When I was growing up on Long Island, there was a summer or two where Debbie Gibson was the coolest. She was a Long Island girl, just like me, only she had a recording studio in her garage, she wrote her own songs, and…the hat speaks for itself. One day in my bedroom I recorded this version of her breakout hit, which still gives me butterflies when I hear it. (her version, not mine)

Only In My Dreams

it's all about the slap bass

it's all about the slap bass

Electric Youth

Electric Youth


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That is quite a fancy downloading site….you are more aware of your mac’s capabilities than I.

Anywho, I like the song[s]. Do more!

Comment by Nina

thnx thnx thnx! i have a bunch demo’d i jst havent put them up..maybe ill throw another one up sometime soon?

Comment by speropolis1

I remember those summers. We must be the same age. I was in Connecticut though. I was even in her DGIF fan club, haha… I still have all the stuff from it packed away somewhere. Ohmygod I’ve never confessed that dark little secret to anybody.

Anyway – nice job on the cover! Especially where it breaks down at 2:24, very cool.

Comment by billy

omg thanx! its just a demo, i hope to record this for real in 09. debbie 4 life!! xo

Comment by speropolis1

Definitely do! Did you demo ‘Lost in Your Eyes?’ That’s a perennial favorite. I just heard she’s doing a concert with Rick Astley in Canada in a couple months. Viva la 80s!

Comment by billy

omg GET ME TO CANADA!! together forever and ever..etc etc

Comment by speropolis1

Spero! That was just lovely. Please do put some more songs up! :]

Comment by Jessica

Haha, no doubt! (Thanks for the comment on my art by the way, that made my month.)

Comment by billy

spero, i was not prepared for how awesome this was going to be…when you said you recorded it in your bedroom, i was picturing 17 year-old spero kicking it with a sony tape recorder. instead: greatness!

Comment by hele whitaker

oh wow, thanks soo much! thats very kind! i kinda feel like 17 yr old spero kickin it w a Sony tape recorder! xo

Comment by speropolis1

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