Hesta Interview Part 1
January 25, 2009, 11:40 pm
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Please enjoy this celebrity interview w Hesta Prynn aka Juuule about our fave shows. At the end of the day it is our love of Oprah, MADAME SECRETARY Hillary Rodham Clinton and Real Housewives of Atlanta that binds us.

Hesta Interview Part 1 jule

PR = Project Runway
RHOA= Real Housewives of Atlanta
Who is this lovely person havin’ a fashion show with no fashions? = Our fave line from RHOA, uttered by the queeniest queen on the show
O = Oprah
Sex Johnson = Seth Johnson, drummer for Northern State (and many others)
HRC = Hillary Rodham Clinton (duh), or Madame Secretary to you!

1- Pls rank you top 5 favorite shows, 1 being your favorite:
I cannot rate them, just tried like 6 times so in no particular order they are: Top Chef, Mad Men, PR, Real Housewives of Hotlanta, Oprah, Law & Order SVU (that’s six)

2- If you could spend the afternoon with Tim Gunn or Nene from RHOA, who would you pick?

Is this a joke?? OBV Nene, team Nene for life! Tim Gunn has played himself hard w his Guide to Style show which sux. The fame has totally gone to his head. I would LOVE to have cocktails w Nene and Anderson Cooper, best night eva.

Team Nene

Team Nene

3 – Same question – this time Nene or OPRAH??
Oooh GIRL that’s a question. The afternoon w Nene would obv be way more fun and would involved many cocktails and possibly that QUEEN (who is this lovely person having a fashion show w no fashions??) but O is a divine prophet and equally out of her mind, plus she is bff w Nate Berkus who is another queen that I love. Would have to say O but it required some thought as you can see.

4 – What would you do if we were at a taping of O and it was FAVORITE THINGS!?!
OMG first of all it would be the best moment of my entire life, I would be there w you obv, we would freak the f out, immediately burst into tears, cling to one another and I would gesture to the heavens and say “God is Good” through my tears.

5- Why have you been so resistant to watching Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders?
First of all I find the tone of this q to be quite confrontational and aggressive. I have actually seen this show in it’s first season, liked it (didn’t luv) as I like every show related to dance but I was frustrated that these gals make like NO money, also I just never got to it as I have to watch O everyday and my entire DVR is filled w Law & Order right now. I can’t do EVERYTHING at once!?!?

6 – Now that all of ‘our shows’ are on hiatus, what have you been doing and/or watching?
I have starting watching 2 really trashy shows, the first is A Double Shot of Luv w the Ikke twins, aka Rikki n Vikki. This show has taken trash to a new level and I don’t even DVR it bc I’m embarrassed. Also I’ve “accidentally” been watching this other terrible show called True Beauty (I think) ,which is a beauty contest for v vain people but it’s really about inner beauty. It is hosted by Cheryl Tiegs who looks surgically rebuilt and HAD and Vanessa Manilo who is currently working on Jessica Simpson’s sloppy seconds I SAID IT! Lest you think I only watch television I’ve also been making a record and working like a DAWG, am in Seattle right now watching SATC and just ate a full pack of M&Ms from the mini-bar heyyyyyyyyyyy

7- Will you or will you not watch “Rock of Love Bus”?
I have to skip it as I cannot watch the Ikke twins show and also this show, it’s too much trash. I’m sorry

8- What do you think about O hittin’ a cool deuce – again!
Oooh girl O has hit a cool deuce!! (see also:Sex Johnson lexicon) I have no opinion on this per se aside from oooh girl!!!

Cool Deuce

Cool Deuce

9- Is there anything you’d like to say to our peers who have dragged HRCs name through the mud throughout the entire primary election now that she is being appointed Secretary of State?
(If your answer is ‘clamp down on the beefy’ that answer is already taken by moi!)

I’d say eat a dick or eat a bag of dicks.



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That whole post was made much more awesome by the picture of HRC at the end.

Comment by Rtael

omg thanks! there were so many wacky pics of Hil to choose from, it was a tough call!

Comment by speropolis1

very entertaining- very!!! you 2 gals crack me up…

Comment by red

Seriously, you guys? Nene is like THE MOST annoying housewife of all of the housewives. I mean, you can group the entire LA cast (btw tired and need to be cancelled) with NYC’s Ramona, and it still won’t be as bad as Nene alone. Aaaaaaand you know your girl got evicted, right? I’m just sayin’…

Comment by Garvey

we will luv nene if she is living in a tenament!!! xo

Comment by speropolis1

As total tv fodder myself I can say that this was amazing. Have you guys been watching greys any this season? My friday talk sessions still revolve around the flyness that is calliesloan and why it makes everybody I know cry.

Comment by Em

omg have not seen GREEEYS in AGES!!! what is goin on???

Comment by speropolis1

this interview made my afternoon. furthermore, it has come to my attention that william williams is also famous for any number of things and is available for an interview. potential topics include: sisterhood of the traveling pants, unicorrrrrrns, halloweeeeeen, cheese, bread, cheesy bread, “surprises” (?), nicknames, disco music, deafness, gardening and other topics. you know, just fyi. call my publicist.

Comment by William Williams

oooh girl, Mr. Williams may want to prepare himself to speak to the press!

Comment by speropolis1

Hilarious. That’s true devotion. I appreciate that. Nene probably does, too. Just don’t be surprised if she’s knockin’ on your door with her luggage in tow, lookin’ for a couch to sprawl on…

Comment by Garvey

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