Ahhhh, Bloomberg.
February 7, 2009, 6:06 pm
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In my 10 years as a New York City resident, I have known 2 mayors. Rudy Giuliani, who I had a pretty strong opinion about (who ever heard of an Italian Republican?) and Mike Bloomberg, who I have felt mainly ambivalence towards, though still not comprehending how it is that NYC keeps electing Republican mayors.

Now, I know there are plenty of people with VERY strong opinions about Mayor Bloomberg. I can’t imagine why anyone would have a strong opinion of a billionaire mayor who tries to repeal the law on term limits so he can self-finance his way to another term! But somehow I have never felt that strongly one way or another. But that’s not the point.

678x600cropftinsidekiernanThe point is that I watch a lot of NY1, which for those who may not know, is the local NYC cable news channel. I love it. At this point if I don’t start the morning with the soothing sound of Pat Kiernan’s voice (the Anderson Cooper of NY1), I am lost all day.

And the more NY1 I watch, the more I start to feel a warm spot in my heart for crusty old cajillionaire Mike Bloomberg. This guy is nothing short of a ham. And he is everywhere at all times, doing things that if I had a billion dollars like him, or even if I was just the Mayor of NYC, I’d be like HELLL NO, I am not doing that! But he seems all too happy to pose with the first AND second babies born in the New Year. Two hours later he is ‘helping’ the grounds crew clean up after the New Yrs Eve celebration in Times Square. The next day he’s in a business suit and dress shoes with a safety orange highway construction thing over his suit digging a ditch with some confused construction dudes. This guy is something else. I have to guess he just loves the publicity, cuz he’s obviously not doing it for the money.


But for me, the best of the best was this past Monday on Groundhog’s day when someone thought it would be a good idea for Mayor Bloomberg to coax a giant overfed groundhog, who is about as cranky as Bloomberg himself, out of his ‘hole’. Well, it turned into quite a local news story here in NYC, even garnering the back cover of the Daily News (“NY’s hometown paper”- which makes you dumber every time you read it). Charles G. Hogg (I luv a groundhog w a middle initial) nearly took off one of Bloomberg’s fingers as Bloomberg clumsily wrestled the thing out of its home, taunting it with a corn cob, and finally lifting it triumphantly for the cheering crowd to see.


“SHOCK AND GNAW” was the Daily News Headline. Indeed. The whole thing made me feel a little less like I live in the world’s biggest, craziest most impersonal metropolis, and more like I am living in a small town in Wisconsin where the groundhog biting the mayor is BIG News! I kinda liked it.

Next, our Bloomberg held a press conference to reveal that he had finally traced the source of the bizarre and mysterious maple syrup smell that has wafted over Manhattan several times in recent years. Yup. A press conference. Now I had been thinking maybe Bloomberg himself had piped in the Cinn-a-bon scent, in an effort to make New Yorkers feel like we are at the mall and shop more. But the actual source has been revealed to be (drumroll pls..) NEW JERSEY! Duh.



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my love of NY1 starts at stops with Transit Reporter Bobby Cuza.


my love our your blog knows NO END.

william g. hogg-williams

Comment by William Williams

william williams, i also love transit reporter bobby cuza. his show is such a train wreck. hah. get it?

Comment by Zach

Is it just me, or does Bloomberg look likes he’s giving a bit of an insouciant, waggish look to the camera in the groundbreaking picture? Kind of that “I’m a playboy with a secret to hide” vibe…

That saucy rogue.

Comment by OKComm

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