3 Second Rule?
February 14, 2009, 4:29 pm
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Ok I got so many comments on the post about the 10 second rule, and many people told me it’s a 5 second or even a 3 second rule in their neck of the woods, leading me to look like a totally gross person who leaves a morsel of food on the ground for 10 seconds before retrieving and eating said morsel. Ok, I would NEVER do that. I just thought it was CALLED the 10 second rule..and I believe in some circles, it is. Many of the comments were very illuminating, especially Bri’s which puts forth the theory that one should take into consideration the shape and consistency of a food particle when determining the actual time it can and should linger on the ground.

“”Moisture content and surface area of the food item is important. Let’s compare a skittle with a pickle slice. The curved hard surface of a skittle minimizes any transfer of germs from floor to food. A pickle slice is flat and wet.”

Indeed it is. If this topic is of interest to you, I beseech you to read the comments under ’10 Second Rule’ where theories and evidence are offered up from locales as far reaching as Russia, Western New York, Canada, and the Discovery Channel. And if you have more to say on the topic, I am pleased to provide this forum for such lively discourse.



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Off topic, but, that is the angriest pickle I’ve ever seen and it will haunt my dreams forever.

Comment by billy dyson

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