We Want It All
February 17, 2009, 11:22 pm
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So, as feminists, and as our mothers’ daughters, we have been taught we can have it all. Right? The older I get the more I accept that this is just not the case. How many of our mothers bought that line and ended up frazzled, frantic and completely exhausted by 50? Feminism is all about choice, obviously. And it seems like maybe our generation’s brand of feminism is all about tough choices. We want it all. But maybe we shouldn’t. Because there aren’t enough days in the week to do it all, and there isn’t enough room in your apartment to have it all. I dunno..is this getting too Carrie Bradshaw? My point is just that even Oprah recently ended up overweight and with low thyroid from doing too much..Did anyone see ‘Best Life’ week? helllooo? Anyway, here is my newest bedroom demo, ‘We Want It All’.


Pls excuse the distorted vox and the weird mandolin-sounding guitars that were supposed to sound like Marshall stacks, I am a kinda lazy bedroom demo-recorder I guess. Choices.

But do we want to?

But do we want to, Oprah?



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How many times do we do all the things that “we should” and not the things that we “really want”. It is hard to give ourselves permission to go after the “wants” while maintaining a balance for those who count on us. Does this make sense??

Comment by Constantly juggling

makes soo much sense xo

Comment by speropolis1

I like that little bedroom demo ditty.

Comment by Garvey

thnx garvey! it is indeed a little bedroom ditty. straight up. xo

Comment by speropolis1

Love it, the thinking girl’s hero indeed. Can’t wait to get my copy of the Lucky Bitch CD. Next time in Nashville, we will definitely make our pad available for some more plush accommodations.

Comment by T-Love aka Vandy Tim

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