February 19, 2009, 9:41 am
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s_9c43b52d094f8f5390f67b29a3191dcaI have been playing a little game with my BFF Sprout (aka Sproutasia aka Sproutasia Mae) for many years now called Whodjado? OR Who’d ya do? (as in who WOULD you do..out of 2 options presented) Lately, I have noticed a trend when playing with Sprout, wherein nobody can beat “Don Draper” (prounounced DOOOOOOON Draper). For those not in the know, Don Draper = the mysterious and ridiculously handsome lead character on the EMMY winning drama, Madmen.


A recent round went a little like this:

Me (via text): Whodjado? Any member of KOL (Kings of Leon) of your choice or Doooonnn Draper?

Sprout: oooh GIRl, how can a girl possibly choose between a sophisticated grown ass man and a glistening young hunk of man meat? I might have to pick Dooon Draper. Just for the experience. He is a professional lover. don_draper

Me: Ok…Whodjado? Brad Pitt (considered by many to be the hottest man on Earth) or Doooon Draper ?

Sprout: Don Draper. Considered by Sproutasia Mae to be the hottest man on Earth.

Me: Ok…um….Whodjado? Don Draper or Jon Hamm (the actor who plays Don Draper). EH?!? Tough one, no??

Sprout: This is essentially the ultimate who’d ya do. I am not sure the game can continue at all beyond this point. My head says Jon Hamm as is he an actual person and is very attractive, with a seemingly good sense of humor and a nice smile. He will treat you right. But my heart says Dooooon Draper; somehow so much hotter with his hair slicked back, constantly smoking Lucky Strikes and being very very bad. He will do you right- which is a whole other story and I guess- the whole point of who’d ya do?



If you have any Whodjado? questions for Sprout, leave them as comments! Omg, DOOOOOOON DRAPER!

Don, I've been waiting for your call.

Don, I've been waiting for your call.

I love you, Sprout.

Step into my office, Sprout.


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You know, I used to play this with a friend and we almost always did the actor/character question. And the character mostly won. Mulder (Brooding Intense True Believer) or Duchovney (smarmy porn addict)? Just kidding, Mr. Duchovney, if you’re reading this.

Comment by xf-fan

oooh i like that idea..like a full round of character v actor..pls bring on any other ideas along these lines!! xo

Comment by speropolis1

Oprah Winfrey (Gail in tow) on giveaway day when she’s giving away Don Draper (and saying it like DOOOOOOOOOOOOOON DRAAAAAAAAAAAAAPERRRRRRRR!) OR… Don Draper????

Comment by Garvey

omg hilar, i thnk that one (oprah v don) is a Q for sprout!! xo

Comment by speropolis1

why, don draper of course!
(in the flesh)
preferably- just the flesh…

Comment by sprout

That’s some SERIOUS Draper dedication.

Comment by Garvey

if you’ve seen recent 30Rock with Jon Hamm playing Tina’s lurve interest, i think you’d stay strictly in the DOOOOOOOOON Draper camp 4-evah. really, it’s not a contest. further, for the record, DOOOOOON Draper is most likely the world’s most selfish lover (william williams most damning lover characteristic) and yet i would still do him. i would even do him if he were covered in some sort of itchy fabric that caused me to break out in hives and/or had mind numbingly bad breath (a distinct possibility given his diet of coffee, rye, cigarettes, and depression). and yes, depression is bad for your breath.


Comment by William Williams

i want to wake up with don draper’s depression breath on the nape of my neck.
i said it.

Comment by sprout

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