Outdone by Barack Obama..again.
March 8, 2009, 9:04 pm
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In a recent issue of People (not my usual rag, but it gets the job done when there is not an ‘In Touch’ to be found), Michelle Obama revealed that President Barack Obama exercises 6 days a week. The leader of the free world, who has taken office during our country’s worst economic crisis since the Great Depression somehow finds the time to get to the gym 6 days a week. So what’s my excuse? Impressed by President Obama’s dedication to fitness, I vowed that I too would exercise 6 days a week, and yet came in at 2.5 workouts this past week. Don’t even ask about the .5 – it was just disappointing all around. But I vow to nudge this number closer to a Presidential level asap, especially as summer is approaching and I would love to not have to wear one of those bathing suits from the 1920s. What do you think the Pres did today? Squats? Elliptical?

Our President

Our President

me at the beach

me at the beach


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You might want to reconsider this “working out” thing. I heard that 3/4 length socks were totally coming back for beach wear this year…

Comment by Garvey

hmm… you know that Big B doesn’t sleep, right? trust he gets like 30 minutes/day and is all “thanks presidential mattress! i am presidentially rested!” and yes, you know his mattress was designed by NASA. for mortals, that shit is tough, but it seems to be the only way you can get an hour in at the gym, i.e. by capitalizing on the 4:30-5:30a.m. slot. last i checked, the only occurrences of you being awake at said hour (and therefore at all avail for the 6day/workout schedule) was because you were out from the night before. oh heyyy… just sayin’. when i wins the lotteries, our personal trainer will have us scheduled for 10:30a.m.-noon on the daily to help us achieve madonna arms (with slightly less sinew). trust.

Comment by William Williams

baby steps, girl!

Comment by xf-fan

obama’s workouts no doubt include hot sexxxxxxxxxxx

Comment by hele whitaker

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