Incase you forgot why you love Stevie Nicks..
March 9, 2009, 5:12 pm
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If you have forgotten why you luv Stevie, this one’s for you. Maybe you thought you loved her for her witchy ways. Maybe you thought you loved her for her uncontrollable spinning. But the real reason to love Stevie is of course..that voice. And it’s on full display in this video, sent to me by my girl Lacey C who wins the prize for this one. In this clip, Stevie rehearses her song ‘The Wild Heart’ while some gal tries to put makeup on her unsuccessfully. I once read a quote by Tom Petty where he said that ‘in those days’ Stevie was such a crazy good singer that she scared him. I think I understand. And then, for dessert we have a vintage MTV clip in which Stevie explains the ‘Wild Heart’, speaking of herself in the third person (I think?) while swaying back and forth the whole time in the style of one who is ‘on the cocaine’. “You know, she’s wild”.

Stevie backstage


You know, she’s wild.


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stevie has A LOT to offer the fans. the bass line to rhiannon alone is one of the modern wonders of the world. that’s right. i said it. it’s right up there next to La Tour Eiffel and the Hoover Dam. and don’t even get me started on Dreams. good lawd. if cocaine made you smarter, we’d be turning to the front cover of the nytimes for news on the latest goings on with President Nicks (“President Nicks appoints Martha Stewart head of Department of Witchiness, Oprah nonplussed” etc). spin that!

Comment by William Williams

The bassline to Rhiannon IS one of the modern wonders of the world. John McVie is the badboy. You want to seem some cocaine enthusiasm, watch as she busts on stage at 10am with Bob Welch (check the Welch era Mac records ASAP esp. MYSTERY TO ME). The tamborine work is top notch, but imagine how gutted you’d be if you were the dude who just got his back up vocals NICKSED.

Comment by Gabe

oops. Here.

Comment by Gabe

I am in love with this woman.

Comment by Amy

God those are great videos. Thanks for posting them. The backing track for that Wild Heart demo sounds so familiar — I think it’s some Lindsey song, maybe from Mirage… [digs out Mirage, listens.] “Can’t Go Back” — it’s totally “Can’t Go Back.”

Check out The Dealer — one of my favorite unreleased tracks of hers.

I’ll never forget why I love Stevie… 🙂

Comment by Paul O'Brian

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