March 18, 2009, 9:13 pm
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Last night I finally caught up on the most recent Rock of Love Bus and was disappointed to see Ashley, no doubt the star of the show, be told that her tour ends here. I understand why Bret did what he did, but it was still a total bummer. Ashley, who coined such phrases as ‘If you wanna date a rock star, you better get used to falling off the stage, BITCH’, will be missed.



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My mom actually sucked me into watching this, and she hasn’t seen the latest episode yet, but i’m sure she will be glad that Ashley is gone, she’s not one of her favorites. Though I think Ashley would have been the only good fit out of the girls that were left. Tatiana made it interesting with her feistiness though.

Comment by Lesley

I’ve been addicted to all things “Rock of Love” since season one and I can honestly say, this season sucks. Ashley was the only one of the girls that wasn’t completely boring and now that she’s gone, I really don’t care who wins. Bret claims there won’t be a 4th season but I doubt he’ll find “love” with any of these chicks.

Comment by Ava

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