Fat Pets and Birth Control
July 1, 2009, 4:09 pm
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My Norwegian friend Birgitte aka ‘Young B’ and I have bonded over many things over the years, including a love of ‘Dear Old Norge’ (as she calls it) and fat pets. Young B just luvvvs a fat pet.


She recently sent me a photo of a fat pet belonging to her mom, which Young B offhandedly mentioned was a product of her watching her mom’s cats for the weekend and forgetting to “give them the pill”.

Umm…hulloooo? What? No really? They have birth control pills for pets in Scandinavia? Like, on top of trumping our health care system in every way imaginable, birth control is also readily available to pets? And the answer is YES.

Young B’s reply:
Hahahahaha, that is such a natural fact to me, it’s really funny that you are shocked.

Some people advise against giving birth control to cats and dogs, because of cancer in their titties (that’s something I don’t know in English, what is the word for the multiple “breasts” that animals have?). The funny thing is that it’s also useful to cure nymphomania (in cats).”

So now you know. Also, Young B speaks PERFECT English – like better than me. So the part where she struggles from a lack of animal mammary vocab really cracks me up. Ahhh, Young B. I love you, girl!!

Me and Young B Barcelona '08

Me and Young B Barcelona '08