Outdone by Barack Obama..again.
March 8, 2009, 9:04 pm
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In a recent issue of People (not my usual rag, but it gets the job done when there is not an ‘In Touch’ to be found), Michelle Obama revealed that President Barack Obama exercises 6 days a week. The leader of the free world, who has taken office during our country’s worst economic crisis since the Great Depression somehow finds the time to get to the gym 6 days a week. So what’s my excuse? Impressed by President Obama’s dedication to fitness, I vowed that I too would exercise 6 days a week, and yet came in at 2.5 workouts this past week. Don’t even ask about the .5 – it was just disappointing all around. But I vow to nudge this number closer to a Presidential level asap, especially as summer is approaching and I would love to not have to wear one of those bathing suits from the 1920s. What do you think the Pres did today? Squats? Elliptical?

Our President

Our President

me at the beach

me at the beach


Chocolate for breakfast
February 27, 2009, 10:42 am
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Am now enjoying a type of granola on the daily..for breakfast…that actually has pieces of chocolate in it. What? I was with Sprout when she bought a similar kind for herself and ever since I could not get the idea out of my head. Like..why the hell not? right?


February 19, 2009, 9:41 am
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s_9c43b52d094f8f5390f67b29a3191dcaI have been playing a little game with my BFF Sprout (aka Sproutasia aka Sproutasia Mae) for many years now called Whodjado? OR Who’d ya do? (as in who WOULD you do..out of 2 options presented) Lately, I have noticed a trend when playing with Sprout, wherein nobody can beat “Don Draper” (prounounced DOOOOOOON Draper). For those not in the know, Don Draper = the mysterious and ridiculously handsome lead character on the EMMY winning drama, Madmen.


A recent round went a little like this:

Me (via text): Whodjado? Any member of KOL (Kings of Leon) of your choice or Doooonnn Draper?

Sprout: oooh GIRl, how can a girl possibly choose between a sophisticated grown ass man and a glistening young hunk of man meat? I might have to pick Dooon Draper. Just for the experience. He is a professional lover. don_draper

Me: Ok…Whodjado? Brad Pitt (considered by many to be the hottest man on Earth) or Doooon Draper ?

Sprout: Don Draper. Considered by Sproutasia Mae to be the hottest man on Earth.

Me: Ok…um….Whodjado? Don Draper or Jon Hamm (the actor who plays Don Draper). EH?!? Tough one, no??

Sprout: This is essentially the ultimate who’d ya do. I am not sure the game can continue at all beyond this point. My head says Jon Hamm as is he an actual person and is very attractive, with a seemingly good sense of humor and a nice smile. He will treat you right. But my heart says Dooooon Draper; somehow so much hotter with his hair slicked back, constantly smoking Lucky Strikes and being very very bad. He will do you right- which is a whole other story and I guess- the whole point of who’d ya do?



If you have any Whodjado? questions for Sprout, leave them as comments! Omg, DOOOOOOON DRAPER!

Don, I've been waiting for your call.

Don, I've been waiting for your call.

I love you, Sprout.

Step into my office, Sprout.

We Want It All
February 17, 2009, 11:22 pm
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So, as feminists, and as our mothers’ daughters, we have been taught we can have it all. Right? The older I get the more I accept that this is just not the case. How many of our mothers bought that line and ended up frazzled, frantic and completely exhausted by 50? Feminism is all about choice, obviously. And it seems like maybe our generation’s brand of feminism is all about tough choices. We want it all. But maybe we shouldn’t. Because there aren’t enough days in the week to do it all, and there isn’t enough room in your apartment to have it all. I dunno..is this getting too Carrie Bradshaw? My point is just that even Oprah recently ended up overweight and with low thyroid from doing too much..Did anyone see ‘Best Life’ week? helllooo? Anyway, here is my newest bedroom demo, ‘We Want It All’.


Pls excuse the distorted vox and the weird mandolin-sounding guitars that were supposed to sound like Marshall stacks, I am a kinda lazy bedroom demo-recorder I guess. Choices.

But do we want to?

But do we want to, Oprah?


What the….?
February 14, 2009, 7:11 pm
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I was happy to see a few comments about New York 1, my fave channel (Ahhhh, Bloomberg). I know not this Bobby Cuza of which you speak, but what I DO know is George Whipple, who does like food reviews, or movie reviews, or something like that. But I never can pay attention to what he’s saying because I can’t stop staring at his..well, you tell me what you think I might find distracting about this gentleman…


3 Second Rule?
February 14, 2009, 4:29 pm
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Ok I got so many comments on the post about the 10 second rule, and many people told me it’s a 5 second or even a 3 second rule in their neck of the woods, leading me to look like a totally gross person who leaves a morsel of food on the ground for 10 seconds before retrieving and eating said morsel. Ok, I would NEVER do that. I just thought it was CALLED the 10 second rule..and I believe in some circles, it is. Many of the comments were very illuminating, especially Bri’s which puts forth the theory that one should take into consideration the shape and consistency of a food particle when determining the actual time it can and should linger on the ground.

“”Moisture content and surface area of the food item is important. Let’s compare a skittle with a pickle slice. The curved hard surface of a skittle minimizes any transfer of germs from floor to food. A pickle slice is flat and wet.”

Indeed it is. If this topic is of interest to you, I beseech you to read the comments under ’10 Second Rule’ where theories and evidence are offered up from locales as far reaching as Russia, Western New York, Canada, and the Discovery Channel. And if you have more to say on the topic, I am pleased to provide this forum for such lively discourse.


Ahhhh, Bloomberg.
February 7, 2009, 6:06 pm
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In my 10 years as a New York City resident, I have known 2 mayors. Rudy Giuliani, who I had a pretty strong opinion about (who ever heard of an Italian Republican?) and Mike Bloomberg, who I have felt mainly ambivalence towards, though still not comprehending how it is that NYC keeps electing Republican mayors.

Now, I know there are plenty of people with VERY strong opinions about Mayor Bloomberg. I can’t imagine why anyone would have a strong opinion of a billionaire mayor who tries to repeal the law on term limits so he can self-finance his way to another term! But somehow I have never felt that strongly one way or another. But that’s not the point.

678x600cropftinsidekiernanThe point is that I watch a lot of NY1, which for those who may not know, is the local NYC cable news channel. I love it. At this point if I don’t start the morning with the soothing sound of Pat Kiernan’s voice (the Anderson Cooper of NY1), I am lost all day.

And the more NY1 I watch, the more I start to feel a warm spot in my heart for crusty old cajillionaire Mike Bloomberg. This guy is nothing short of a ham. And he is everywhere at all times, doing things that if I had a billion dollars like him, or even if I was just the Mayor of NYC, I’d be like HELLL NO, I am not doing that! But he seems all too happy to pose with the first AND second babies born in the New Year. Two hours later he is ‘helping’ the grounds crew clean up after the New Yrs Eve celebration in Times Square. The next day he’s in a business suit and dress shoes with a safety orange highway construction thing over his suit digging a ditch with some confused construction dudes. This guy is something else. I have to guess he just loves the publicity, cuz he’s obviously not doing it for the money.


But for me, the best of the best was this past Monday on Groundhog’s day when someone thought it would be a good idea for Mayor Bloomberg to coax a giant overfed groundhog, who is about as cranky as Bloomberg himself, out of his ‘hole’. Well, it turned into quite a local news story here in NYC, even garnering the back cover of the Daily News (“NY’s hometown paper”- which makes you dumber every time you read it). Charles G. Hogg (I luv a groundhog w a middle initial) nearly took off one of Bloomberg’s fingers as Bloomberg clumsily wrestled the thing out of its home, taunting it with a corn cob, and finally lifting it triumphantly for the cheering crowd to see.


“SHOCK AND GNAW” was the Daily News Headline. Indeed. The whole thing made me feel a little less like I live in the world’s biggest, craziest most impersonal metropolis, and more like I am living in a small town in Wisconsin where the groundhog biting the mayor is BIG News! I kinda liked it.

Next, our Bloomberg held a press conference to reveal that he had finally traced the source of the bizarre and mysterious maple syrup smell that has wafted over Manhattan several times in recent years. Yup. A press conference. Now I had been thinking maybe Bloomberg himself had piped in the Cinn-a-bon scent, in an effort to make New Yorkers feel like we are at the mall and shop more. But the actual source has been revealed to be (drumroll pls..) NEW JERSEY! Duh.